Nevada is a young and dynamic brand, dedicated to those who put color in everything they do. New weaving effects, stitches and textures are studied all the time, always following the new trends in terms of colours and typologies. The style is unique and recognizable: tipically Nevada! Shawls, ponchos, scarves, capes, hats and gloves: all our collection shows passion for colours and for our work. 
You can see our love for accessories.


Miss Accessori srl that more than twenty years experience in the production and distribution of wearing accessories. Since the beginning, our philosophy has always been to believe in what we do and the concept of Made in Italy for us has been a real philosophy of life. This choice appeared to be against the current times we are living, but over the years, Miss Accessori has been able to build up an almost total internal production cycle. In this way we have set up a highly developed quality control and we can guarantee a good quality standard.

The need to follow the rapid changes in the market has forced Miss Accessori to add our two corporate brands, Nevada and Zighilli, through which we offer our own expertise and creativity, directly to the final customer, developing dedicated lines with its own strong personality.

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